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Ways to stay productive whilst working from home

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

As we all adjust to our new way of life and working from home becomes the new norm, you may start to notice that the novelty of being able to wake up a little later and work from your bed or sofa is starting to wear off.

Working remotely undoubtedly has its benefits (especially during a pandemic), however as human beings we are not designed to spend all day alone, and you may start to find your productivity (not to mention mental health) dropping.

We want you to know that you are not alone, and we have listed some of the things that we do on a daily and weekly basis when our motivation is feeling low.

Mental Health First!

First and foremost, if you feel like your mental health has suffered since the beginning of lock down and you need someone to talk to then make this a matter of priority. You can reach out to a family member, trusted colleague or HR (Whitcombe HR are always available for support and advice).

Remember we are all human and we are all going through the same struggles. We were not designed to be alone and some days may be harder than others. Don’t beat yourself up about it and try to take each day as it comes.

We have touched upon this topic before in our blog ‘How to work from home and look after your mental health’ which you can read on our blog page.

Have weekly goals and targets. We have found that having a list of weekly targets (or a weekly to-do list) really helps when you are having a tough day. The main thing is that across the working week, you are getting your work done and hitting all your objectives. If one day you are finding working from home hard and you’re struggling to focus, give yourself an extra break or a longer lunch to go for a walk and clear your mind. Looking at your weekly objectives and making sure they are ticked off by Friday means you can afford days where you may not be as motivated. Trust us, your managers will be doing this too and you shouldn’t feel guilty.

Weekly & Daily check-ins. If you are not having them already then why not suggest a time for weekly and daily check-ins? This doesn’t have to be a formal, target led meeting – it can be as simple as a 10-minute zoom or phone call with another member of staff to see how everyone is getting on. Hearing a friendly voice is often all you need to start feeling motivated again. Don’t be shy to ask questions, share your own advice and ask people how they’re also getting on (you may find that they are having the exact same thoughts and feelings).

Work in a space that fuels your productivity. Try to make sure that the space you are working in is comfortable and helps make you feel productive. If you are getting back ache, move around to try and find a better position or place to sit. We hold a lot of tension in our back, neck, and shoulders and this can lead to headaches if not addressed. If the weather is nice why don’t you try moving outside? A brighter workspace can really help enhance your mood. We like to take 10 minutes whenever we’re feeling a little achy or tired to practice some yoga. Here are a couple to get you started: Yoga at Your Desk Office Break Yoga

Keep hydrated! This may seem really simple, but did you know that lack of hydration can lead to lethargy and tiredness? Getting up to drink a large glass of water will not only get you moving, but also help you feel fresher and keep your mind more alert. There are loads of great water bottles on the market to help you keep track of your liquid intake alternatively you can put 8 elastic bands around your glass and take one off every time you finish a drink.

Set yourself mini goals each day. These don’t have to be profound, life changing goals but just having a small list of things to tick off throughout the day can really help your motivation. It will also help you be accountable and give you ownership over the work you do. If at the end of the day you don’t feel like you have achieved much you could always do a backwards to-do list and write down all of the things you have done that day (you will probably be surprised at how much you have achieved).

Set alarms on your phone. Managing the time you have throughout the work day and breaking it down is a great way to stay productive. Set an alarm for 1 hour and set yourself the task of completing a piece of work in that time. Sometimes the more time we have, the longer it takes us to complete something. You could even set alarms to drink water, go for a walk, take a break – just ensure you are taking breaks, moving, and hydrating consistently throughout the day.

We really hope that some of these tips work for you and don’t forget that we are always here for guidance and support whenever you need it. Please call 07534 359255 or email for more information.

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