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Do you run a business and need to get on top of all your HR documents and admin? Do you have contracts and policies in place for your employees? Are they up to date and in line with the current employment law regulations?


The Employee Box offers a complete package of all the HR templates, documents, policies and emails that you need to successfully navigate the entire employee lifecycle. From the very first stage of finding the right candidate for the role and onboarding them, throughout employment and right to point of offboarding, everything is included in this package.


Whether you have employees already or are about to grow your business and bring on your first employee, The Employee Box offers everything you need.


Following the success of The Newbie Box, we found a lot of our clients needed a more extensive and detailed package which would cater to the need of a thriving and growing business.


The Employee Box package includes:


  • 27 core HR documents which we will tailor with your company logo.


  • The templates will ensure you are compliant with employment law.


  • We will spend time with you to ensure that we understand your company and HR needs before updating the templates with your specific company details and requirements.


  • The package comes with a 3-month free trial of Breathe HR – a cost effective and reliable online HR system.


  • You will gain access to our quarterly HR newsletter.


  • Speak to us for additional support at a reduced hourly rate.

The Employee Box

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